Create a life that turns you on!

Are you ready to...​

Reclaim you BODY

Reclaim your VOICE

Reclaim your POWER

EVOLUTION is more than a programme, it is a journey, a total transformation of mind, body and soul, so that you can reclaim who you truly are!

This is an opportunity for you to reset and realign your entire being back to your true self, and learn the tools that you need to create a life that turns you on.

Whether that be your connection and understanding of yourself, especially when you have experienced hormonal and body changes, or whether that be when navigating a big career or relationship change.

EVOLUTION guides you through and teaches you to use your unique Pleasure Code 
TM to strip away your people pleasing 'good girl' so that you can build a life that you love and connect with the parts of yourself that have been hiding for so long!

Have you been...

Making yourself small to fit into what others find acceptable?

Told that you're too much?

Sacrificing your own needs for their happiness?

Holding back your desires for their comfort?

Following the 'rules', the things that you 'should' do, rather than what you want to do?

Denying who you are to make others happy?

Feeling suffocated by the by the fear of judgement from others?

Stuck, stagnant and confused, not knowing what to do or how to be?

Month 1


The deconstruction of self

You will:

Learn to strip away the 'good girl' labels

Unlearn who you've been conditioned to be

Learn the tools to break free from the people pleasing 'shoulds'

Develop your awareness of self and what you don't want

Learn how to clear space - mental, emotional and physical

Learn how to untame your wild woman

Gain clarity about what you want and who you want to be

Move away from confusion

Learn your pleasure code

Become 'unstuck' and gain clarity through pleasure

Become more confident in yourself and your decisions

Month 2

Pleasure Connection

Activating your Pleasure Code

​You will:

Learn your unique Pleasure Code TM and how to activate it within your body

Discover what turns you on in all areas of your life

Learn how to use the body to release past trauma so that you can begin to heal

Release limiting beliefs, fears and blocks

Connect with your body

Connect with your space

Connect with your purpose

Connect with your desires

Learn the tools to step into the feminine energy of surrender

Learn how to embody your true self

Plus... you will receive the BONUS Style Empowerment Masterclass from guest Coach Leesa Whisker!

Month 3


Creating your Pleasure Path

​You will:

Learn how to align with your intuition rather than your fears

Create and set your intentions for a life that turns you on

Build your vision and the actions steps to get there

Expand your capacity for pleasure through the integration and embodiment of your true self

Learn how to blend the feminine energy of flow with the masculine energy of doing

Take action to actively embody the changes within yourself, internally and externally

Develop and harness the habits and routines that will give you ongoing support

Feel confident within yourself and the choices you make

Move forward with clarity

Have such a clear sense of self that you can create and uphold clear boundaries in all areas of your life

Be so attuned to your pleasure that you have the self-awareness to navigate changes and make decisions with ease

PLUS... you will receive the BONUS Visionboard Masterclass lead by Guest Coach, Franca Munoz!

What will the women who join get out of the programme?


The women who join gain such self-awareness that know who they are, what they want, and how to get it it!

More energy:

The clear and firm boundaries that they learn to set allows them the space to get their energy back!

More time for you:

Stripping away what is holding her back gives her the time for herself rather than everyone else.

Self-love rather than self-criticism:

As she learns her unique Pleasure Code TM, she learns to connect with her body, mind and soul, and develops routines that nurture and expand her love and acceptance of herself.

Less procrastination:

Learning the habits and routines that suit her unique Pleasure Code TM supports her in becoming 'unstuck' so that she can take proactive steps towards what she wants rather than spend her time procrastinating.


This Evolution process expands her sense of self-worth and her capacity to see and receive wealth in all areas of her life, giving her the confidence stop settling for less than she is worth! This may look like her raising her prices at last!

Improved relationships:

As she is able to understand and focus on herself first, and honour HER wants and needs, she no longer feels drained and is therefore able to show up for others fully.

Reclamation of their POWER:

The women who go through this process, who are able to strip away their mask and stand strong in their body and their voice, become a force to reckoned with! 

How does it work?

Each week over the 12 weeks, you have an online lesson to work through at a time that suits you best and a home play exercise to complete to integrate the learning.

Every Fortnight, you will receive a LIVE coaching call with Pleasure and Transition Expert and Somatic Trauma Informed Coach, Emma, as well as any bonus lessons from the Expert Guest Coaches.

You will be part of a private Facebook group where you will be able to share your progress, ask for feedback, ask questions and support one another. This is a space where you will feel safe, supported and able to show up vulnerably and without judgement!

Who is it for?

This programme is specifically designed for women experiencing change, who are ready to strip away the 'good girl' labels and learn the tools to create a life that turns them on! She is ready to step into her pleasure and reclaim her true self and the life that she is meant for. 

This IS for you if:

You answered yes to any of the questions above!

You are already on a journey and are open and ready to experience the next phase.

You are going through or have experienced a big life change and feel like you have lost yourself.

Are longing for clarity and confidence about your next steps and how to make them happen.

You want to experience joy, pleasure, fun in your life again!

You want to learn how to feel pleasure in all areas of your life, including your body, your space, your work.

You want to elevate your vision and develop habits, routines and systems that will support you in creating a life that turns you on!

This is NOT for you if:

You feel cynical and do not want to change the way you do and experience things.

If you think that spirituality and mindset work is a load of BS!

If you shame people for over-sharing.

If you are happy staying in your comfort zone and are not open to new experiences.

If you do not want to dramatically increase the pleasure in your life.

If you need a trigger warning or you want to censor (transformation is trigger and requires vulnerability!)

You do not want to feel sexy or happy in your body.

If you do not want to become self-aware.

If you want to stay bored and frustrated in your job / relationship / life!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Want to talk it through?

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